Courses for parents/carers and their year 7-9 children (aged 11-14)

The pre-teen and teenage years are an exciting but challenging time for both you and your child and you are not lone if you feel daunted by the difference between your own teenage years and the one your child encounters.

This course run by Funpact are  especially created with you in mind to empower you to support your child and at the same time have some fun together and nurture your relationship as they become more independent

Each session workshop is fun, engaging and informative and use gamification as a useful tool for learning. This 6 session course covers important subjects such as: Making the most of who YOU are, Emotions and surviving the teenage years, how to build GOOD relationships (focusing on friendships at this age) – social media, and keeping safe in the community, financial literacy and citizenship. During each session you and your child will be earning tokens and certificates and doing fun quizzes as well as engaging with other parents who have children of the same age, building a community of support.

The sessions are being run in West London in schools for their pupils and other venues which are open to all families.

Map of course locations

The courses are currently being funded by the schools/Hammersmith and Fulham council and other local charities ensuring it is free to families to attend at schools.  

Please see map, other sites are being established please contact us for updates or to request a course in your area.

It is currently not possible to bring younger children.

Each session is unique and it is expected that each session will be attended.

No. There are many great courses for parents/carers without their preteen. This course is created for the parent/carer and pre-teen to attend together.

Most of those who have attended the course do not have English as a first language. Helpers and facilitators will support you to understand the course content.