“Bridging The Gap is an extremely worthwhile course. It is an important part of our transition and parent liaison provision.” – Assistant principal, Ark Burlington Danes Academy, London

The Bridging The Gap course is a 6 session course focusing on some of the fundamental aspects of growing up and becoming independent. Aligning Itself to parts of the PSHE curriculum with specialists facilitating each session this course has proved to be beneficial not only to the families but to the school community.

“Bridging the Gap provides a great opportunity for parents and pre-teens to develop better communications and understanding of each other at a criticaltime when this relationship often begins to grow more difficult.” – Dr Pooky Knightsmith Child & Adolescent Mental Health Specialist and advisor to the PSHE Association

The Bridging The Gap course is a 6 session early evening intervention for both year 7/8 pupils and their parents/carers to attend.  Focusing of the some of the fundamental aspects of growing up and becoming independent the sessions are fun and engaging using quizzes, games and discussion.

Parents and the community play an important part role in pupil achievement at secondary and this enables your school to build a relationship with families which is much harder to establish at secondary school.  The sessions also align themselves with the PSHE curriculum on important aspects such as: mental well-being, safeguarding, money management  and citizenship.

The sessions need a classroom type environment which has space to move around allowing for the interactive and game-like structure of the sessions.  Chairs and ideally tables should be provided as the families work through booklets as part of the course. Access to toilets are necessary.

Each session is led by a qualified facilitator who has the necessary knowledge and experience to lead the session, answer questions and signpost families who would like more information/support

Each session is managed by a team leader who will be the main contact for the school and will be attending each a session and helper – a parent  who has previously attended the course with their child.

There is a cost to the school and Funpact will work with schools to obtain funding if necessary.  Please contact us for more information.

There is no minimum number of families for the course however the sessions work best with between 5 and 15 families.  The room size will determine the maximum number of families the course can accommodate