If you don’t want to be a facilitator but would love to be involved we have some great opportunities available after you have attended the course with you child.

You can become a Funpact Ambassador which means you can become a helper on the course – supporting the facilitator and team leader during the sessions, welcoming families and helping set up and pack up at the start and end of the sessions.

You will be invited to come to events to represent families who have done the course which might mean speaking to potential families or funders.

You will be invited to all social events for all the families to attend who have done the course If you have not done the course but would still like to help.

It might be possible for you to still be involved. Contact Elise Pacquette at the first instance. You will be invited for a chat and to observe at least one session before you are asked to make a commitment.

All facilitators need to have specialist knowledge in the subject area of the session such as:

session 1: qualified mentor/qualified or trainee psychologist

session 2: qualified mentor/qualified or trainee psychologist

session 3: qualified or trainee psychologist

session 4: qualified mentor/qualified or trainee psychologist

session 5: qualified financial capability facilitator

session 6: qualified mentor/qualified or trainee psychologist

All training is provided.  Those interested in becoming a facilitator must observe sessions before they join the team. they are then supported to work towards facilitating the sessions through shadowing and co-working.  DBS certificates and other necessary additional training are provided as team members

All facilitators receive a fixed fee as well as additional travel expenses on receipt of proof of purchase